Transponder // Music for Collapsing Stars

Other music, other worlds, other ART forms. The strange compulsion of exploration. Extending the hypnogogic. Dwelling in the land of the conceptual. Challenging the imagination. Rewarding a mind forever voyaging.

All inspiration for Transponder.

This music: electronic. Sometimes ambient. Sometimes not. This music is EXPERIENTIAL. Worlds are built, and sometimes destroyed – these are worlds in which to dwell. Worlds where machines can love (and hate). Stars collapse. Distant planets are compromised. Dimensions are blurred. Prophecy is the protagonist.


Steve Pierce: (Music Composer and Software Engineer) is part-man and part-machine. Not sure whether to credit his mother’s or father’s side, it has, nonetheless been said, “There’s metal in those veins!” Having successfully navigated the celestial distances between two continents and two Master’s programs in computer music (University of Leeds, UK, and Dartmouth College, US), STEVE is excited to, once again, be collaborating with his long-time cohort in musical crime. Transponder is the culmination of that collaboration, which, combinatorially-speaking, is neither sequential nor parallel, but rather a sum total of parts that make a greater whole.

Don Tyler: Don is a Los Angeles-based Grammy-nominated mastering engineer with an extensive discography that includes luminaries from all genres of music. From multi-platinum acts like James Blunt, KISS, Barenaked Ladies, Cake, New Radicals, Beck and Elliott Smith, to old favorites like Devo, Love and Rockets, The Pixies, Dead Can Dance, and Bow Wow Wow. In addition to mastering, DON produces electronic music under the pseudonym Phase47. Frequent collaborators include David J. (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), Jeremy S. Gluck (Barracudas), Pieter Nooten (Clan of Xymox), vocalist Åsa Seljestad, as well as cellists Christine Hanson and Joyce Rooks. Current projects include SoftWorld with Jeremy S. Gluck, Christine Hanson & Åsa Seljestad, and Transponder with Steve Pierce.